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 France, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium 2013

Plans started loosely when I was invited in March to sail with a friend in the Med this year. Easy, he lives in Nice, flights are cheap and if I need to be there for the 15th I could easily fly there cheaply (as a teacher I get the jammy holidays, starting tomorrow 12th July).

Then dropped the bombshell... - meet him in Corsica as that's where the boat will be by Monday 15th July! Flights were around £400 with all the tour de France stuff going on, so riding became a possible option. Loose plans were to sail around the east coast of Corsica, across to West coast of Italy and then back to Nice. Oh and picking SWMBO up in Pisa, Italy. And then SWMBO wanted to holiday in Corsica so we looked into accommodation and that was also either too expensive, too high up, wrong side etc. So I thought I might ride to Corsica - oh and get there by Monday 15th ! Again, tough in the time frame with meeting the ferry times to cross. So I managed to get it sorted for a Tuesday 16th 15:00 ferry and leaving the bike behind in Nice. Ferry arrives in Corsica at 21:00. This gives me time to ride down and enjoy the route Napoleon a bit more, amongst other great roads. So I started looking into things.....read about my trip here

France and Spain 2010

Well I am soon to depart for soils French and Spanish. I will ride about a 100km before night falls to camp at Bain De Bretagne. I have packed and had a ride around with all my gear and adjusted the suspension to the best of my feel (my knowledge is still a bit limited but by feel it seems to work!). On Wednesday, I ride a further 450km to Bordeaux where I will pick Zoe up from the airport. We are then off to a friend near Bergerac in the Dordogne valley area for lunch. If we are not too knackered, we'll ride down to Bayonne for the following week, where we are staying in a hotel. Beach, beach and more beach is the order of the week. Zoe will suntan, I'll surf or boogie board. Read more here..>