What numbers are you expecting this year? Looking at the trip, I have had a couple enquiries about people wanting to coach it out there and fly that something that could be accomodated for?What time do Flights need to be in by? Coach/fly won’t be a problem from my end.  They will have to pay the full coach price though as we cannot get rid of the seat on the way home.  But other than that, no probs.  We’ll just organise an extra transfer out there and that will be half price as well. Not the cheapest way of doing things unfortunately. I am expecting same sort of number as we had in our group 49.  1) provided people come in at a reasonable hour then no problems at all – reasonable means arrive before 2100 and depart after 0900
2) Sat or Sun doesn’t actually matter too much, but it’s easier to organise it all for Sat (that is you make my life easier!)

Hiya, I'm 25 looking to do a few trips this year to improve my skiing, traveling on my own. Been 2 times before, I'm skiing now on easier red runs. You said no problems with single travellers. Presume I'll end up sharing with 3 other people? I'd probably fly as i'm thinking of skiing week before at another resort. Am I a suitable candidate for your 'bargain' trip? might join you on later ones in the year too if I enjoy the experiance. Awesome, you fit the bill perfectly. Most people on my trips are able to ski to a small degree. Some of us are v good. But most are in the 4/5 week range or on their 2nd week. Lessons are awesome, and yes you'll end up in a room of 3 with some of the other guys. Most of them are returning from last year, so I know the crowd and can vouch that there are no axe mureders lurking! Evryone is very friendly and we dont do football hooligan stuff! But we do ski and have a party! It would be great to have you along. Flying is no hassle. Let me know if you need any more info.
Hello mate, Apologies if I sound stupid but was just browsing when I found this holiday info...I have looked at your site and the action outdoors site and this looks an excellent adventure. I have been looking for a individual ski holiday due to mates/girlfriend not wanting to go this year and this seems perfect. Can I just clarify that single people are ok to book as I noticed 4 sharing a room which some could be uncomfortable with? What an opportunity to meat new like minded people....

Many thanks,
Hi, surely you meant to "meet" as opposed to "meat"!:) ha ha. Great. Yes singles are more than welcome. It is a trip that I have run for a few years and it seems mostly to consist of my mates and they just tend to be on their own. Actually there aren't any couples that I know of, but they are also welcome. If some cannot handle sharing, tough! Everyone knows the drill and I usually speak to those most people beforehand anyway. Over the last few years I have had quite a few new people on the trip and they all come back. I try to be selective of who comes, so that we avoid having the axe murderer in the room! There are quite a few people in your situation and it actually works well as you make new acquaintances. It is a great way to meet new people. Call me or send me your mobile and I'll gladly tell you more
Can you please send me some photos of the accommodation?  Where does the transport leave from in London and what time do you leave and arrive?  I don’t have any photos of the accommodation at Flaine as they were rebuilding it over the summer.  I have also not been there but I have been to many UCPA centres and they all follow the same sort of guidelines. I’ll include photos of Tignes and send you a link that covers the outside area of Flaine.  Use the navigation drop down menu to see inside etc is from Victoria coach station.  I don’t follow your last question? 
Hi there - I'm just not sure I'm ready to book yet. How are the numbers
looking? How long have I got to make up my mind?Would love a week or so to think about it...
Numbers are half way there.  Quite a few still hesitating that have not been counted in this either, and it will definitely go ahead.  Glad to hear you are enthusiastic!  As for time to think, no problem as I work on a first come first served basis, if there is space when you have decided, then great.  If there is no more space, then there is nothing to do either.  It's entirely up to you how long you wait.  Good luck with the decision making!! As for friends and age range most are around late 20's and some in 30's. And some in early 20's. All fun and good people
Can you tell me a bit more about the accommodation - is it youth hostel style or ar there double beds if my partner and I wanted to share? Hi, it is all 4 beds to a room, so bunk beds and no twin rooms, double beds. Sorry. Think more of a sports centre with accommodation. A large dining room, a bar a few chillout areas, a coffee bar area and communal areas. All neat and tidy and quiet. If it were toi be classed as a hostel, it would have to be the neatest hostels I have seen, with the added bonus of civilised skiers.
Hi, your holiday looks like its exactly what we are looking for! however it would be myself (24)& boyfriend (28) that want to come, would it be ok as a couple? what are the sleeping arrangements? we love the idea of the group, as my boyfriend has done a few seasons we will enjoy the company! thanks Hi, been away so sorry if the response was a bit slow. Coming as a couple is fine, if you guys are prepared to have 2 others in your room. This could either be 2 females or possibly another couple. At the moment, there aren't any other couples that I know of to hook you two up with. So I guess if you can hack sleeping in bunk beds for 1 week, do come along. I have had couples before and they didn't mind at all. But its your call. I know for definite that you won't feel awkward as a couple, it's just not a romantic secluded 4 poster bedroom! Let me know if you have any other questions.Don
Hi Don
Came across your site on SnowHeads. I’ve skied 3 times before so I guess I’m classed as an improver.  Is there still room for one more?  Lastly, I'm a single female and with regards to accommodation, would men and women be segregated?
Hi, as for segregation, there are definitely female only rooms.  Last year most of the girls were together in a room/s.  (if you want it to be that way. Unless you wanted to share with stinky men?)
As for flights, not sure but easyjet, BA etc all do.  Got to and they look at all flights etc.  As for times etc etc have a read through and look at the ski faqs for some general ideas about times and other things you might want to know.  Hope that helps
Would you have availability for 4 adults 4 children, ages 1,2(need to book a creche)5 (ski'd before) 9 (can snowboard). If so how much for us all.
Sorry , If I understand you correctly you need to bring kids as well as adults?
The centre is for 18 – 40 only and does not cater for young ones I am afraid.  You guys would be welcome on your own though ….:)
Hope that helps.
Are there any spaces left? Running out very fast

Ski FAQ's

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