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July 2013

I am off into Europe for some 4 odd weeks. I leave on a ferry on Sat 13th and have yet to book my return ferry for August. Trip takes me down the RN, around Nice, Pisa in Italy, Lakes in Italy, Switzerland and then Lichtenstein, Brussels, I think. All mileage adds up to 3300miles. So how did I get to this random route... Read Here

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April Canadian Trip2010 -Done!


School holidays and a chance to escape, again.  Great.  We had booked dog sledding in Canada, in the Algonquin National Park just 250 km North of Toronto.  It was going to be for 5 days with us travelling behind our own team of Huskies to remote camps, 30 to 50 km’s apart over 4 days.  Unfortunately, the snow is really thin on the lakes, if it hasn’t already melted and the weather too warm of late...read more